The single person unit makes an excellent observation platform for both offensive and defensive operations.  One PARAMOTOR unit can cover the same or more ground than an entire infantry platoon.  Three units can cover the same or more ground than an entire infantry company.  The PARAMOTOR can enhance the effectiveness of Scout units.  By flying a few hundred to a thousand feet, the PARAMOTOR can increase the direct surveillance of the battlefield by tens of miles.  Enemy avenues of approach can be observed for up to ten miles.  The additional coverage translates into as much as 15 to 30 minutes of advance warning of enemy movement and strength.

The tandem (two-person) unit is excellent as an observation using the second person to be a "dedicated observer" (not pilot) with the ability to gather greater amount of information, or to take aerial photographs



A small unit infiltration is now possible for non-airborne personnel.   The pilot can virtually fly above target area, turn-off the engine, and glide in for an inaudible, silent landing. 



The unit can be rigged for delivery via airdrop by riggers.  The unit can be assembled in five (5) minutes and pilot can start-engine and fly away.



The PARAMOTOR can effectively patrol 25 square miles per hour, regardless of type of terrain.  A selection of six (6) PARAMOTORS can patrol 150 square miles each hour at a cost of about US$ 10 per hour. 



From ground level, troops are limited to line of sight as defined by the local terrain.  When using the PARAMOTOR Motorized Para-Glider this changes by varying the altitude that the pilot flies making the amount of visible terrain vary.  The natural masking of the terrain is overcome by simply increasing the flight altitude or moving from left to right.  At one thousand feet a blue or white canopy is nearly invisible - it blends with the color of the sky. 

Recommended safe flight ceiling is 12,000 feet above mean sea level; although with cold-weather gear and oxygen the ceiling can be further extended. 


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