The MILITARY SPECIFICATION PARAMOTOR is the latest concept in military flight and high-altitude recreational sports, and has been featured on national television and in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. In addition, the units have been supplied to the U.S. Government and to several foreign governments throughout the world.

The PARAMOTOR is foot-launched from the ground, self-contained, and worn like a back-pack. Learning to fly takes only a few days and requires no pilot's license. The unit assembles in just five (5) minutes WITH NO TOOLS NECESSARY. The unit takes only a few feet for taking-off or landing.

The PARAMOTOR is built from the highest quality aircraft materials to military specifications (MIL-SPEC). The PARAMOTOR unit is the only unit built to military specifications and offers a two-year warranty.

The unit is the world's only back-pack powered parachute able to be converted from a one or two seat back-pack to a single-seat 3-wheel "trike" unit. The Trike unit can be used on rough terrain.


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